Richard Orlinski

Back in 2004, Richard Orlinski decided to devote himself to art. Influenced by pop culture, he soon created a colorful animal universe and his now-iconic animal world can be seen all around the globe.

Richard Orlinski is the world’s best-selling French contemporary artist. His sculptures are the reflection of profound contemplation on animal instincts and human nature.

Richard Orlinski has a fondness for contemporary materials such as resin and aluminum but also likes to work with materials such as bronze, stones, and stainless steel. The sculptor dabbles with colors, constantly innovates, plays with materials, transparencies, and lights. Nothing can stop him when it comes to imagination and creation!

Richard Orlinski is famous for his love towards art and expression: sculpture, design, music, literature, live performance etc. The artist is represented by over 90 galleries and collected worldwide. For the first time exhibited in Dubai, UAE in Bravo Arts Group.

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