Accessibility Statement


We strive to make this site accessible to people with disabilities, believing that everyone should have equal access to this website.

A comprehensive effort was made to ensure that the site meets the requirements of the Equal Rights to Limited Services Regulations (service accessibility adjustments) 2013, corresponding to the Israeli standard (TI 5568), along with the recommendations of the W3C organization in WCAG2.0.

The accessibility effort included checking the accessibility score in designed tools, adding an alt-text to describe images and icons, adding aria-labels, maintaining contrast between colors, and making navigation hierarchies accessible.

Additionally,  an accessibility plugin is included as part of this site’s accessibility efforts. The accessibility menu can be accessed by clicking the blue button on the left side of the site. The plugin is subject to the manufacturer’s limitations and conditions of use.

Accessibility menu options include

  • Resize font (increase/decrease)
  • Grayscale
  • Negative Contrast
  • High Contrast
  • Light Background
  • Links Underline
  • Readable Font


Despite the efforts to make the site’s content accessible, some content may still not be accessible or a suitable technological solution has not yet been found.

Location accessibility of the galleries

All galleries are wheelchair-friendly.


We would appreciate hearing from you if you come across any content that isn’t accessible.

The person in charge of accessibility on the website can be contacted at:
Charly Darwich

Updated on: August 2022

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