David Gerstein

David Gerstein is an International painter and sculptor. David nourishes himself from his artistic studies and from the culture of the different cities where he lived. A dynamic metropolis that allowed him to open his spirit globally. Engraving, painting, sculpting and drawing have no secret for him, without forgetting his mural and monumental creations.

David Gerstein is encouraged by his desire to break the boundary between street art and museum art. His collection of artworks depicts playful scenes of life, full of movement. A frantic rhythm that allows him to denounce our lifestyles and a way to animate his pieces. Combining metal sculpture and painting, his colorful works express movement, depth, and humor.

In 1980, David Gerstein created the “Wall Sculptures” a 3D artwork hand-painted on laser-cut aluminum. A practice that allowed him to go beyond sculpture and do three-dimensional works of art. Seeing the big picture, it is him who did the biggest public sculpture in Singapore “Momentum”. Finally, David Gerstein embarked on a project to reach a bigger audience. The principle was to create multiple pieces in limited edition, an additional approach that allows him to make art accessible to everyone.

David Gerstein’s artworks gained success and popularity by museums, collectors, and municipalities for public spaces worldwide and can be now seen at Bravo Arts Group in Dubai, UAE.

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